Best brand pills for women excitement: Scientists have made a high-profile statement

American psychologists have found out which men most excite modern women in the context of intimate life with brand pills. For example, men who look like women are their fathers or other close relatives hold the lead, trustworthy pharmacy shop writes.

It turned out that, according to many women, the greatest impact on sexual attraction is the genes of histocompatibility, that is, the presence of hereditary characteristics that will allow having strong heirs. Experts from online pharmacy believe that this pattern was created within the framework of the evolutionary process. The mechanism is very simple: it is more useful to be with a partner who has canadian generic meds and stable immune genes, due to which future offspring can have strong immunity.

At the same time, according to ED experts, women often do not have a set of genes necessary to reproduce “strong” offspring and try to get it from men using affordable original drugs from trusted online drugstore. It turns out that for the purposeful conquest of any woman, it is not enough to have pleasant facial features or earn a lot of money. The greatest impact on sexual attraction is the genes compatibility, and further problems, according to experts, women do not care – the study showed that after the birth of children women cease to get excited by the presence of “useful” men nearby.

Among other things, experts note that the sexual attraction of women is more flexible than that of men – they can simultaneously “want” several men, not similar to each other in type and character.