Mission Statement

About Us

Our Mission is to Empower our Students to Achieve their Greatest Potential

We Aim to Attain and Maintain this Mission through Progressive Leadership, Delivery of Quality Education and by Helping Our Children Develop into Confident and Independent Learners.

The mission of LINKS is to empower our students to achieve their greatest potential.
We aim to attain this mission through:-

  • Be Led with a Progressive Outlook
  • Offering Extra-Curricular activities & Sports
  • Achieve International Recognition
  • Deliver Student and Parent Satisfaction
  • Progressive Leadership
  • Quality Education
  • Teaching a strong curriculum
  • Investing in trained and experienced teachers
  • Providing state-of-the-art facilities and the best environment
  • Providing effective pastoral care
  • Maintaining international standards
  • Instil a sense of pride in the wider school community
We believe our strategy will enable our students to become independent learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens of tomorrow.